Japan Woodworker

Recognized as the best in the world, Japan Woodworker tools are hand-forged by Master Blacksmiths in Japan. When you use one of these Professional quality handmade tools, you will immediately recognize the difference in your work. They are a pleasure to use and you will quickly appreciate your investment in quality.

Manufacturer Product Image Item Name
Japan Woodworker Nihon Kebiki Japanese White Oak Twin Blade Mortise Gauge

Nihon Kebiki Japanese White Oak Twin Blade Mortise Gauge

This mortise gauge has two cutters for laying out the parallel sides of a mortise. Since one of the cutters can be recessed, it can also be used to...
Japan Woodworker Woodworking Knife with Scabbard

Woodworking Knife with Scabbard

This knife is encased in a wooden scabbard made from Ho wood (a relative of the Magnolia tree). The blade is a hand forged lamination of "white...
Japan Woodworker Blue Ceramic Flattening Stone

Blue Ceramic Flattening Stone

An easy and inexpensive way to flatten any of your waterstones. Made from #300 grit aluminum oxide abrasive. It has 9 diagonal grooves molded into...
Japan Woodworker Deluxe Combination Waterstone #1000/#6000 Grits

Deluxe Combination Waterstone
#1000/#6000 Grits

These waterstones are among the finest available. They are fired from aluminum oxide abrasive carefully screened for consistent size mixed into a...

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